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Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

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Welcome to Sauk Prairie Healthcare Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Together with fitness, rehab and athletic training professionals, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine physicians at Sauk Prairie Healthcare are committed to helping you maintain your lifestyle. Whether you are running a marathon or walking to your mailbox, recovering from a sports injury or rehabbing after knee surgery, our specialists can help you. Whether it’s your knee, hip, shoulder, foot, ankle or wrist causing your pain, every aspect of your Orthopedic or Sports Medicine care at Sauk Prairie Healthcare has been carefully designed to exceed your expectations and improve your quality of life.


At Sauk Prairie Healthcare, you can choose from any one of our six highly skilled, experienced Orthopedic surgeons. From sports injuries to painful joint arthritis, unexpected accidents to chronic conditions, our Orthopedic experts are able to repair your injury, treat your pain and get you back to the activities you love. >>Request Information

Our Orthopedic surgeons commonly treat a number of knee injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament tear (ACL tear), meniscal tear, and knee fracture. And if knee arthritis is keeping you from the things you enjoy, we perform total knee replacement and partial knee replacement at our Joint Health Center.

We perform a number of hip surgeries to treat hip injuries like fracture and labral tear. For painful hip arthritis, we offer hip replacement surgery, which we can perform either by the traditional posterior approach or through an anterior approach for many additional benefits.

Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s Orthopedic surgeons can address all of your shoulder concerns, including: rotator cuff tears, shoulder separation, shoulder arthritis, and shoulder dislocations. We offer both total shoulder replacement surgery and reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Andrew Ertl, has expertise in treating foot conditions, including: plantar fasciitis, foot fracture, bunions, and hammertoe. Common ankle injuries and conditions treated at Sauk Prairie Healthcare include ankle fracture, ankle instability, ankle tendonitis, and ankle arthritis. Dr. Ertl is one of only a few specialists in the region offering ankle replacement surgery.

Sports Medicine

When an injury takes you away from the sport you love, turn to Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s Sports Medicine experts. Our Sports Medicine doctors work closely with our Orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation therapists, and certified athletic trainers to get you back in the game. We help athletes and everyday active individuals of all ages function at their highest level and minimize disability or time away from sports, work or school.

Patellar bursitis, patellar tendonitis, and runner’s knee are just a few of the knee conditions our Sports Medicine physicians treat.

When hip injuries occur, like hip tendonitis, greater trochanteric pain syndrome, hip bursitis, or growth plate injuries, turn to our experienced Sports Medicine physicians for an evaluation and treatment.

Our Sports Medicine doctors treat shoulder injuries such as dislocated shoulder, AC separation, labral tear, rotator cuff tear, shoulder osteoarthritis, shoulder tendonitis, and shoulder bursitis.

If you get a concussion because of a direct or indirect blow to the head or body, Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s Sports Medicine doctors in Sauk Prairie, Lodi and Spring Green can manage and treat your condition so you can safely recover and return to play.

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