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Hip Replacement Surgery at Sauk Prairie Healthcare - A Patient Testimonial

Bob Gingras: I do love tennis and my wife Sarah loves tennis and right now we're kind of sparring, battling on the tennis court. I'm an attorney here in Madison. I have a beautiful wife and family, two lovely young children, and I'm always busy. So it's a wonderful life right now and I'm enjoying every minute. I'm Bob Gingras and I had a hip replacement. You got up early just to see me off, didn't ya?

Boy: Yeah.

Gingras: Yeah, come here. I am so thankful to Dr. Lamson because before the surgery, I was really struggling with my hip. People would tell me I was limping and I didn't realize I was limping. I would have difficulty sleeping at night on occasion, not too bad but on occasion. I couldn't bend over hardly to put on my right sock and all of those types of things wear on a person. You know, you try to always delay the surgery in your mind, you know, I can get by, I can get along, and you don't realize how disabling it is to you and...until you have the surgery. What he did for me was remarkable because now I don't feel like my body's too old anymore. I did before the surgery and now I feel like kind of reborn. I wouldn't be playing tennis the way I am even though it's not great, but I wouldn't be enjoying it like I am right now without the surgery. I can...I know that. It's probably the battery. You probably need new batteries.

Boy: These are big ones.

Gingras: It keeps me young because I do get on the floor and play with them. I felt I was always safe. I felt I was always in good hands throughout the whole process, both pre-op and after the surgery, and everything was explained to me, all the risk factors, you know, I felt well-informed. It was within my network of insurance, which is critically important to most people. And the the most remarkable thing, and the thing I really appreciate is I was up and golfing within like it was...I'm sorry, five weeks to the day after the surgery. Do it sooner rather than later because you're losing out on precious time, enjoyment of lifetime that you don't need to do. That would be my general advice, is get it done and you'll be happy about it.