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Total Hip Replacement: Judy’s Story


Judy Lynch: Before I had my hip replacement, I was virtually going to be sitting for the majority of my life because it hurt so much.

Riding in a car, it was very painful, and of course riding my horse was very painful. And now, and this is a couple of years later, I virtually forget I've even had the hip replacements. It doesn't bother me to sit. It doesn't bother me to walk. It doesn't bother me to ride. It's great.

So pain level, I suppose you could say 10 plus beforehand, and I don't have any pain in my hips at all now. So it was wonderful. My name is Judy Lynch. I've had both my hips and both my knees replaced at Sauk Prairie Healthcare.

When I decided to have the hip replacement, it was because it was extremely painful. I couldn't walk, I couldn't ride my horse, and something had to be done. There was nothing else that could be done except the replacement. So I went in and talked to Dr. Hebert and he told me the procedure, gave me the folder on exercising before. And I did those exercises before, which was very important, and had the hip replacement done with the anterior approach.

When I went in for surgery, first of all, the atmosphere at the hospital is wonderful. We have been to several hospitals before, not for our personal, but with other people. And the atmosphere at that hospital is just great. Everybody's got a smile on their face, they're anxious to help you in any regards they can and make you feel comfortable.

As I said, I have osteoarthritis, so I always call it wear-and-tear arthritis, and it has to be taken care of. And if you could find a place that was a new body store, that would be wonderful, but Sauk Prairie Healthcare is about the closest I've come to finding a new body store. And that's what I would tell people, that you're going to get great care there.

Of the people that we have recommended that have gone there, they all come out with the same experience that we've had. And that is that the hospital's care is wonderful and the doctors are wonderful, the nurses are 100%.

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