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Patient Room in Orthopedic Center

Contact Us for Joint Replacement Surgery
Orthopedics Nurse Navigator: 608-643-7689
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Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s Joint Health Center was thoughtfully designed to give you the best experience throughout your joint replacement surgery and recovery. The reputation of our joint replacement center is built on everything that happens before, during and after your surgery.

Before Joint Replacement Surgery

Preparation, education, continuity of care and a pre-planned discharge are essential for your optimum results. Every detail, from pre-operative teaching to post-operative exercising, is considered and reviewed with you. Our Orthopedics Nurse Navigator will be a resource for you, assisting by coordinating all pre-operative care and discharge planning.

The Day of Your Joint Replacement Surgery

You’ll know just what to expect when it’s surgery day because we will have prepared you ahead of time and you will already have met your care team. After you’ve been prepped for surgery, your family can pass the waiting time by visiting our Café, coffee shop, meditation room or relaxing by the fireplace. Anywhere they go inside our hospital, they’ll be comforted by wide open views to the beautiful scenery that surrounds our hospital. Our Café offers fresh, nutritious food from local farms and producers. And if the weather is nice, lunch on the Café patio or a walk on our walking trails is a relaxing way to spend the time.

After Your Joint Replacement Surgery

After your joint replacement surgery, you will stay in a spacious, private room in an area of our hospital dedicated to the care of joint replacement patients. We offer a comfortable, healing environment where patients can focus on getting back on their feet. Each room is large enough to accommodate visitors and features a large window with beautiful views of nature and access to natural light. At Sauk Prairie Healthcare, our Joint Health Center takes a unique team approach to help reduce your joint pain and improve your quality of life. We incorporate family involvement and group support to encourage patients and keep them motivated during their recovery.

Features of Our Joint Health Center

Our Joint Health Center has many features designed to help patients make a full recovery. These include:

  • Nurses, therapists and certified nursing assistants who specialize in caring for joint patients
  • Private rooms
  • An emphasis on group activities, along with individual care
  • Educating family and friends to participate in the recovery process as “coaches”
  • An Orthopedics Nurse Navigator who assists in coordinating all preoperative care and discharge planning
  • A comprehensive online patient guide for you to follow from six weeks before the operation until three months after the operation
  • Coordinated aftercare program
  • Reunion luncheons for former patients and coaches
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