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Sports Medicine Physician - Dr. Masaru Furukawa

Sports Medicine Physician - Dr. Masaru Furukawa

Dr. Masaru Furukawa: I'm Masaru Furukawa. I'm a sports and family physician at the Sauk Prairie Healthcare River Valley Clinic. My medical training started in undergraduate school at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Penn. I started out as an electrical and computer engineer, and I got a master's in that. But, at the same time, I was doing pre-medical courses as well. After that, I enrolled in medical school at the University of Vermont, my home state. Following that, I went to Family Medicine Residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I also completed my sports medicine fellowship.

I chose sports medicine because I've been a lifelong athlete myself and I feel that organized sports and fitness is very important in my life. I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to keep people active and participating in the activities that they enjoy.

The most rewarding thing is taking care of an injured athlete, getting them back doing what they want to do and obtaining their sports goal or fitness goals. The most challenging thing about my job is definitely telling the athlete that they can't do what they want to do. Either restricting their ability to play sports or stay physically active. Or, even the worst-case scenario, when I have to tell them they can't continue their sports and longer because of the injuries they have.

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