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Dr. Mike Lamson - Orthopedic Surgeon at Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Dr. Mike Lamson: So my name is Mike Lamson, I'm an orthopedic surgeon at Sauk Prairie Hospital. I have been in Wisconsin my entire life. I got locked into a program for medical school out of high school and so I knew very early on that that's what I wanted to do. I was fortunate enough to then match at UW for residency. So I was there for another five years. And then this job came along. I honestly at the time was not that aware of the hospital out here and as I learned more about it I found out that it was a perfect fit for me. There are tangible results in orthopedics that are great.

The most rewarding thing is that we actually treat pain. That's the biggest part of our job. And to see someone who comes in in a wheelchair or they're using a walker or they're not able to do the things that they'd like to do and to see them come back a different person a lot of times. Often they're sleeping better, they're off their pain medication, their...even their blood pressure is better. And as doctors, we tend to take for granted those great results and I really try my best not to.

The patient population is unbeatable. They're all hardworking people. They want to get back to work and it's been fun to develop relationships over time. The patients that come here quickly realize that it has a different feel. When you come into the building it's very friendly. The staff are extremely committed to providing world-class care. I routinely am told by patients that even the people cleaning their rooms, they can tell they care about how they're doing. It's not just the doctors, it's not just the administration, but it's the nursing staff, it's the people in the cafeteria instead of reheating frozen food, they're actually making the food for our patients. It's the people who are doing the day-to-day maintenance of the building. Everyone takes pride in the building and I think that full dedication is the reason why we're growing and why patients not only come back for additional care but they recommend us to their loved ones and their friends.

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