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Sports Medicine Team at Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Sports Medicine Team at Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Dr. David Krey: By seeing a sports medicine physician, you're seeing somebody who got an additional year of training in musculoskeletal medicine. That's really important, because we look at injuries and diagnosis and management a little differently with patients. We do a lot more of a focused exam, and we're highly trained in the proper treatment, return-to-play, getting people better faster and efficiently, as well as we work on that preventative approach to prevent injuries from happening in the future.

Dr. Mike Timmerman: A sports medicine physician will be someone trained not only in identifying that injury, but also helping to provide ready resources for rehabilitation or for surgery if needed. For a small, rural-based hospital system, we have incredible resources. When we can't help someone with conservative treatment or non-operative treatment, we have arguably one of the best orthopedic teams in the state to be able to help provide surgical services.

Dr. Masaru Furukawa: We work very closely with our primary care doctors. We work with the radiology department, the orthopedic department and we also work very, very closely with our athletic trainers and physical therapists. There are definitely other members of the team, which include our nursing staff, our reception staff. We also work with chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists. They're all very important for the care of our athletes.

Dr. Krey: It's very reassuring to me to know that we have such a great support staff in the Sauk Prairie Healthcare system. We have this good collaborative effort, where we're always talking to one another; and again, it's a very, very open team approach.

Dr. Timmerman: We're a community-based hospital network, and we really feel strongly about that close relationship with our patients. We spend a lot of time educating and working with our patients to make them feel special.

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