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Dr. Mark Timmerman - River Valley Clinic

Dr. Mark Timmerman - River Valley Clinic in Spring Green, Wis.: My name is Mark Timmerman. I'm a family practice and sports medicine physician here at Sauk Prairie Healthcare's River Valley Clinic. I'd always wanted to be a doctor. Even growing up in high school, I was really interested in becoming a physician. I spent time in the hospital with family friends who were physicians, and they let me watch surgeries and witness the process.

I became a sports medicine physician really out of my own personal interest in sports. I've always been an athlete. It's always been important to me and I love helping others continue their athletic activities as well.

I came to Sauk Prairie Healthcare in 2006. I had been a physician in Madison for 15 years prior to that. As our daughters left the home and we became empty-nesters, we decided we wanted a bit of a change of pace. I grew up in a small town and, interestingly, one of my former students — she is in practice here at River Valley Clinic — and she called and said there was an opening and, would I be interested in a small town rural experience for a change of pace, and it seemed ideal at the time, so we made the change. We love living in a small town, taking care of a community, working for a nonprofit organization with Sauk Prairie Healthcare being a community-based hospital, it's committed to taking care of those communities. It's been terrific.

River Valley Clinic
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