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Osteopathic Manipulation for the Back and Neck

Osteopathic Manipulation for the Back and Neck

Dr. David Krey: With being a doctor of osteopathic medicine and using osteopathic manipulative therapy, what we do in those visits is, a lot of times, we're looking at the back and the spine to see if there's any sort of abnormalities of the spine or any sort of areas that are a little bit out of alignment that can be susceptible and that we can use this treatment for to make people's pain improve. What a normal visit would entail would be a long exam to look at the back and to see if there's any areas of misalignment. And then, after that would be the treatment portion of the exam.

Sometimes, that does involve certain adjustment techniques to get the spine in better alignment, which can range from gentle techniques of using the patient's own body and muscles to get them in better alignment, or more aggressive techniques like you might see or have done when you go to a chiropractor.

With the therapy and using physical therapists and athletic trainers, once the patient is starting to feel better and wants to get back to activity, we can do certain things with the therapist and athletic trainers and the office to look at where the patient's at from a healing standpoint, and look at other factors that may have contributed to this to make sure the patient is strong enough, not only to get them back to sport, but also to prevent injury.

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