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Athletic Training

As an expert in injury prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation, our certified athletic trainers (ATC) are able to share sports medicine expertise in several areas, including the Wellspring Wellness Center, our Rehabilitation Department, and offsite at local schools.

Our collaboration with area schools in injury prevention, diagnosis, and treatment is particularly important to us. Although the ATC is most noticed during on-field emergency and first-aid responses to injuries, much of the trainer's job is handled before and after the athletic contest. Before competition, athletes are taped, stretched, and given treatment for pain-free activity. Following an event, athletes seek the service of the ATC for continued rehabilitation to aid in their recovery process. The athletic trainer also provides knowledgeable instruction in the areas of strength training, nutrition, and psychological aspects of sport.

To reach the Athletic Training Department,
please call 608-643-7263.

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