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Job Shadowing Experience


At this time, Sauk Prairie Healthcare is not allowing external job shadow opportunities as we are in the process of updating the program.

Job Shadow Requirements

Watch and learn. That is just what you can do with a job shadowing experience at Sauk Prairie Hospital. Job shadowing opportunities allow you to observe and learn the world of health care first-hand. Learn more about a particular career interest or explore the vast opportunities that await you. Through it all, you will gain a better understanding of the connection between school, work and achieving your goals.

The following requirements have been established for Sauk Prairie Healthcare's job shadow program.

Age: In order for an individual to participate in the shadow program, he or she must currently be enrolled at least at least a junior in High School.

Job Shadow Request Form: Each individual wishing to participate in the shadow program will be asked to fill out and return the Job Shadow Request form. This form will allow our Education Assistant to more accurately schedule the participant.

Shadow Areas: A student may list up to three (3) areas in which they wish to shadow on the Job Shadow Request form. If you are interested in shadowing multiple fields, please rank them 1-3 in order of preference. We will make our best effort to place the student in their preferred occupation if possible, but first choices may not always be available.

Shadow Dates: Please list three (3) dates in order of preference that are at least 2 weeks from the time of the request. Sometimes there are many people involved in processing job shadow requests; therefore, it is very important when writing dates down that you are sure they will work. If you do not have your activity or work schedule yet, leave the dates blank. Once you know definite dates, contact SPH. If you have specific time restrictions on a particular day, please note them in this section. The more information you provide, the easier the process will be.


  • Students need to adhere to the SPH Job Shadow Dress Code
  • Students need to complete and return SPH Confidentiality Form
  • Students need to provide their own transportation to their designated shadowing site
  • Inappropriate behavior will not be allowed
  • Personal valuables should be left outside the facility
  • Cell phones, pages, and beepers will not be allowed
  • If unable to shadow on the shadowing date, please notify our Education Department at 608-643-7291. A no-call no-show will limit future shadowing opportunities.