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CNA Careers at Sauk Prairie Healthcare - Marias Story

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For the first 10 years I was in housekeeping and then just recently the last, going on two years, I've become a CNA. I have always had an interest in healthcare and when I saw that there was an opening for housekeeping, that was my way to get my foot in the door. I was always helping out in the department that I worked at. You know, sometimes I did a little bit of, they needed a little bit of something here and there, wasn't exactly patient hands-on care. And I started wanting to do that more, and the hospital offered a opportunity for online courses for CNA through MATC, and that was my opportunity. The atmosphere here is, there's a lot of teamwork, doesn't matter what department you're a part of. So being in housekeeping, the nurses and the doctors, all, everybody works together. In every department that I worked in, being in housekeeping, I've been in a large variety of departments, they've all welcomed me and we've become like a family.