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Jobs with Purpose and Passion at Sauk Prairie Healthcare

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Carolyn: I've been given so many opportunities for growth and development here at Sauk Prairie Healthcare. There's truly a great understanding of work-life balance and for this, I am extremely grateful.

Ashley: In the OR we're all a big team, so if we see something that's wrong, we're encouraged to speak up because we're all in this together.

Julie: You feel like a person and not a position. I'm not calling Pharmacy, I'm calling Jen. I'm not calling OB, I'm calling Paige or Jackie or Sue.

Julie: It's my hospital and it's my community. I've built great relationships with my coworkers. I feel like I belong here.

Dr. Hupp: You do belong here.

Shawn: The success of Sauk Prairie Healthcare doesn't just happen.

Dr. Ledesma: We have the privilege of caring for our friends, neighbors...

Dr. Furukawa: loved ones, and community members.

Dr. Hupp: And when we chose you to join our team...

Dr. Ledesma: we did so knowing that you could be the one on duty when one of our loved ones needed life-saving care;

Shawn: reassurance during a test or procedure;

Dr. Furukawa: help with a bill;

Dr. Ledesma: motivation to reach a goal;

Dr. Hupp: or simply human kindness.

Shawn: We believe in you.

Dr. Furukawa: We know you have the passion and drive to go beyond the expected every time.

Shawn: Here, we care.

Dr. Ledesma: We listen.

Dr. Furukawa: We inspire.

Dr. Hupp: And we love to pat you on the back while having your back.

Dr. Furukawa: At Sauk Prairie Healthcare, you have a place.

Dr. Ledesma: You have a purpose.

Shawn: And we're proud to have you on our team.

In unison: You belong here.