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Medical Technologist Careers at Sauk Prairie Healthcare – Katies Story

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I had written to hospitals all over Wisconsin to see if they would take me in as clinicals, and then potentially work for them someday when I finished my schooling. And then about two months later, Sauk Prairie contacted me and said that they would like to take me on and teach me phlebotomy. They hired me to work part-time, and they gave me tuition reimbursement so that when I was done with my degree at Madison, I would continue to work for them until I had fulfilled the tuition reimbursement agreement. And I loved working here, and I've worked here ever since. It's my home away from home at this point. I really enjoy all my coworkers. I enjoy the hospital. I am proud to recommend the hospital to my neighbors because I know that they're going to get good quality care when they come here. And I've experienced it with my own family. If we've ever gone anywhere else, it's never been the same level of care, and that makes me proud to work here.