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Nursing Careers at Sauk Prairie Healthcare - Carolyns Story

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Being able to work for an organization that allowed me to grow from a CNA, to a nurse tech, to now a registered nurse, has been amazing. Sauk Prairie Healthcare has been extremely accommodating in allowing me to work flexible hours in order to go to school full-time as well as work. And they offer tuition reimbursement, which was extremely helpful. Working at Sauk Prairie Healthcare has been the best experience of my life. I feel known. I feel respected. I feel like I am cared about, not only as a nurse and a caregiver of patients, but also as person. Sauk Prairie Healthcare has offered me so many opportunities for growth and development, so having the opportunity to work in different areas, and see, where is my passion, that that truly is important. And the organization encourages us to explore those things. They don't look down upon you when you want to transfer internally. In retrospect, they actually just applaud you. I can't imagine myself working anywhere else. I truly love coming to work.