Health Coaching

Health Coaching

To ensure optimal health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. A Health Coach will help you identify and achieve your goals, and support you in your journey toward healthy behaviors.

What is Health Coaching?

A health coach is a trained and certified professional who can help you reach your best health and well-being. He or she can help you develop a personal wellness plan with realistic goals. Your health coach will inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you would do alone.

What can I expect from my Health Coach?

During the first session, your coach will help you identify your priorities and develop a personal wellness vision, three-month plan and realistic goals. 

You will have a total of 12 appointments, which can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or once a month. You and your health coach will meet either in-person or over the telephone. During these sessions, you will review the progress toward your wellness vision and goals, address any barriers and agree on a set of reasonable goals for the following week. 

If you discover that your goals can be best attained by working with additional health or wellness professionals, your health coach can connect you with those resources and help schedule those appointments. 

By the end of your coaching sessions, you can expect to have made significant progress and feel energized and confident that your goals are reachable. 

How much will a Health Coach cost?

the cost of this program is $375. If you choose to make appointments with additional health or wellness professionals, other fees may apply and will be explained to you prior to those appointments.

How do I begin?

Call Wellspring to enroll (608-643-7572). Then, a health coach will contact you to explain this program further, answer your questions, and confirm your first meeting time. You will be asked to complete a health Risk assessment prior to your appointment. This document will be used as a tool to assist you and your health coach on the key issues, including medical considerations.