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Worksite Wellness

Company Wellness Program — Improving the Health of Your Employees

Jump start your worksite wellness program with a proven approach guided by experts! Our three-part formula enables you to understand the health of your employees and their wellness interests, then set a plan into action. Apply the entire formula or choose any of the individual parts to complement your existing wellness programs.

1. Wellness Consultant

Meet with a wellness expert to learn how to start a wellness program at your organization or get advice to ensure that your current wellness program is successful. We’ll discuss the details and importance of leadership buy-in, development of a productive wellness committee and offering health promotion programs your employees need and want to participate in.

2. Health Risk Appraisal (HRA)

An HRA is a questionnaire specifically designed to identify current health risks. It is the best way to determine appropriate health programs that will impact your bottom line. Whether you choose to work with your insurance provider’s HRA or we administer one for you, we can interpret the results and provide recommendations. You will receive a group report (for groups larger than 20) that can be used to determine the best programs for your workforce. Individual data will remain confidential.

With Biometric Data: Biometric data such as height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol can be included in the HRA. This information will provide a more detailed picture of the health of your employees.

3. Employee Interest Survey

Gauging employee interest is a crucial part in getting participation in wellness programs. We can provide an interest survey for your staff and compile the results using our online system. Using these results, we will provide suggestions tailored specifically to your workforce.

Change Behaviors to Improve Health

Health Coaching

Inspire and challenge employees to reach their best health and well-being with a personal Health Coach. With a personal wellness plan, realistic goals and weekly meetings, employees will make significant progress toward improving their health.

Tobacco or Nicotine Cessation

Help your employees quit tobacco or nicotine with the expert guidance of a respiratory therapist experienced in tobacco counseling. In these group sessions employees will explore their triggers, learn coping techniques, and receive resources to quit.

Increase Awareness of Personal Health Status

Bi-Monthly Health Awareness

Encourage good health all year long! Each of the six topics offered include an informative Lunch & Learn, educational materials, and optional health screening or contest. Topics include heart health (February); nutrition (March); physical fitness (May); managing stress (July); cholesterol (September); and diabetes (November).

Health Screenings

We can provide screenings for your employee health fair, including blood pressure and body mass index (BMI).

Pre-Diabetes Screening

Are your employees at risk for type 2 diabetes? A confidential screening, including blood pressure, BMI, waist measurement, glucose, and cholesterol, lets them know if they need to make changes to avoid this disease.

Lunch & Learn

Fit health education into the workday with half-hour Lunch & Learn sessions. We have a variety of presentations in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

Gifts to Motivate Employees

Wellspring Gift Cards

Give the gift of wellness! Wellspring gift cards can be used to purchase massages, exercise classes, fitness center memberships, and personal training.