Running Assessment

Running Assessment

How Can a Running Assessment Help You?

If you love to run, but pain or performance issues are slowing you down, a professional running assessment can help you achieve your running goals.

Optimize your technique, improve performance and reduce your risk of injury with a professional running assessment by a physical therapist. Whether you run for fun or choose to compete, you will benefit from the biomechanics exam, video running and non-running gait assessment, and footwear analysis. Your physical therapist will discuss current injuries, best treatment approaches, offer shoe wear recommendations and, if appropriate, a running specific exercise prescription to enhance strength and flexibility.

The professional running assessment includes:

  • One-on-one interview to discuss running and injury history
  • Physical exam
  • Video gait assessment
  • Footwear analysis

Cost: $110

Tip: Check with your health insurance provider or flexible spending account to see if the cost can be reimbursed.