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Volunteer Opportunities

Following are brief descriptions of Sauk Prairie Healthcare volunteer services – times and days vary. If you have questions or an idea for a new service, contact the Volunteer Office at 608-643-7257 or email

  • Cleaning – clean wheelchairs or fitness equipment
  • Clerical – do basic clerical tasks in a hospital office or at a clinic (Plain, Lodi, Spring Green or Wisconsin Heights)
  • Confidential Paper Pickup – pick up paper in offices
  • Department Delivery – sort, pickup and deliver office mail
  • Disaster Helper – on an on call basis, assist the hospital staff during a Disaster Code
  • Welcome Desk Escort/Transport – escort customers and transport items around the hospital as requested
  • Emergency Department Rounder - provide non-medical support, rounding on patients and visitors in the Emergency Department
  • Greeting Cards – at home, make cheerful cards for in- hospital patients or mobile meals recipients – can be handmade or by computer
  • Patient Visits/Hospitality – visit patients and provide complimentary coffee to guests
  • Joint Health Center Helper – help therapy staff and patients during group therapy sessions
  • Knitting/Sewing/Quilting – at home, knit caps for newborns, sew children’s surgery caps, sew catheter pouches, repair sewn items or quilt small comfort
  • blankets
  • Mobile Meal Delivery – deliver meals to homes during the week
  • Music Therapy – on an on call basis, play soft and soothing music on an instrument in the patient care areas
  • Pharmacy - sort, label, assemble, collate and assist staff with projects
  • Pet Therapy - must be registered with Dogs on Call
  • Hospital Gift Shop – clerk in the hospital gift shop
  • Supplies – sort, count, label and stock medical and office supplies
  • Surgery Center Liaison - interact with patients' families in the surgery center
  • Tray Favors – at home, make small cheerful items for in- hospital patients or mobile meals recipients
  • Wellspring Center Reception – greet customers and answer questions at the Wellspring Center (mostly evening and weekend hours)
  • Yard work – weeding, watering, and planting in the gardens at the Wellspring Campus