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Sauk City Grant Recipients

6:8 Inc. – Tower Rock/Hispanic Outreach Program:

Funds were used to help identify barriers (transportation, language, etc.) that prohibit families in participating in 6:8’s programming.

George Culver Community Library – Joyful Self Care & Building Resilience:

The grant helped mobilize resources available at the library to promote self-care and build mental and physical resilience

Prairie Clinic – Pediatric Healthy Eating Initiative & Mental Health Coloring Books:

Money supported purchase of a divided plate for every child to educate them about appropriate food portions. Coloring books and crayons gave the providers a tangible teaching tool that children can take home with them.

Sauk City Volunteer Fire Department- EMS “Jump” Bag:

Funds were used to purchase jump bags, allowing users to enter an emergency situation and set their bag down without worrying about what is underneath it. The bottom is waterproof and easy to clean/decontaminate after any call. These bags keep our firefighters and community members safe during large and small events.

Sauk Prairie Area Food Pantry - Go Fresh:

The grant supported the pantry’s ability to offer more healthy options for snacks in the Sauk Prairie School District.

Sauk Prairie School District - Lifeskills Curriculum:

Funds supported education of young learners to begin healthy lifestyles, including physical and mental wellbeing.

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