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It’s Our Best Shot - Your Vaccination Will Help Our Communities

I got the COVID-19 vaccine. I'm an artistic director. I'm a community member. I'm a mother. I'm someone who loves sitting in restaurants for a long time. Me too. It's Our Best Shot for returning to a normal life. For everyone's future. As life gets closer to our new normal, I look forward to seeing my mother smile again. I look forward to large family gatherings and lots of hugs. We understand that the vaccine will allow for the events and the activities, the music events all of the amazing art events and... any events, any events where people gather. And with more community vaccinated will obviously help our businesses keep their operations going and will help people stay on the job. Please get the COVID-19 vaccine. We encourage you to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Please get the COVID-19 vaccine. [All] It's Our Best Shot.