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Nurses Remind of Importance of COVID19 Prevention Strategies to Reduce Spread

gloved hand with stop coronavirus written on it

The nursing staff at Sauk Prairie Healthcare and Prairie Clinic recently asked their federal, state and local elected officials as well as school boards to publicly support the COVID19 prevention strategies of face coverings, physical distancing, frequent hand-washing, and avoiding large gatherings to stem the rising numbers of infections. Following is the letter:

Dear County Supervisor:

We, the nursing staff of Sauk Prairie Healthcare and Prairie Clinic, are reaching out to you with a plea to help us reduce the spread of COVID19 in our area.

As nurses, we practice under the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics. Part of this code directs us, as our duty to self and others, to promote community health, safety and well-being. Some of this obligation can be achieved by encouraging several simple healthy behaviors, which have been proven to reduce transmission of the virus. To prevent the spread of COVID19, it's imperative that everyone:

  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet from people you do not live with
  • Wear appropriate face coverings
  • Avoid group activities and large gatherings
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Try to not touch your face
  • Limit exposure to sick individuals
  • Stay home if sick unless you are unable to care for yourself; then seek medical attention

The current increase of COVID19 infections has placed extraordinary strain on our nurses and other healthcare workers. It impacts our ability locally to care for both patients with and without COVID19. Additionally, because other health systems are also dealing with an influx, it can limit our ability to transfer patients to tertiary hospitals when a higher level of care is needed. Other transfer issues can occur when patients are to be discharged to skilled nursing facilities because they too must adequately prepare for a patient transfer.

We are asking that you publicly support and encourage people to adopt these basic prevention strategies. As community members we recognize the importance of keeping our local economy vibrant. The health of our citizens plays a key role in supporting our local businesses.


  • Lisa Pickarts
  • Julus Pahl
  • Autumn Arrieta-Corona
  • Paige Ederer
  • David Kussow
  • Traci Brownlee
  • Melissa Cochrane
  • Susan Thering
  • Ashley Lemmer
  • Tina Scallon
  • Teresa Dietsch
  • Julie Hopkins
  • Rachel Sliter
  • Chelsea Bond
  • Cari Coker-Fritsch
  • Kate Neverman
  • Pam Schreiner
  • Jodi Clyde
  • Robin LaBoets
  • Laura Hewitt-Bartholomew
  • Ashley Pickarts
  • Lisa Leege
  • Nancy Diehl
  • Amanda Jensen
  • Jackie Johnson-Kruse
  • Alyssa Ballweg
  • Amy Hall
  • Jill Poarch
  • Carmen Zirbel
  • Kim Langer
  • Courtney Deters
  • Megan Deines
  • Kurtis Stoddard
  • Jessica Ruegg
  • Sarah Lee
  • Katelyn Brunn
  • Teresa Landes
  • Allissa Grauvogel NT
  • Kaylee Lane
  • Kristen Quayle
  • JoAnn McNeely
  • Lindsay Ortegren
  • Bridget Dollar
  • Russ Picard
  • Joanne Streight
  • Mel Sliter
  • Julie Gorman
  • Cassie Samz
  • Amanda Toberman
  • Cameron Jordan
  • Beth Martinka
  • Patricia Hill
  • Lisa Clark
  • Kristen Shea