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It’s Our Best Shot - COVID 19 Vaccinations

I got the COVID-19 vaccine. I'm Bob Wills, owner of Cedar Grove Cheese in Plain. I got the COVID-19 vaccine because I usually prefer hugs to fist-bumps when I'm with my friends and family. People who are vaccinated are less likely to get sick, end up in the hospital, die, or spread the disease to others. I also got the vaccine to help protect my business and to keep my employees safe. As a business owner, I want Cedar Grove Cheese to grow and I want the restaurants we supply to be crowded and sell lots of cheese curds. Cheese-making is intimate and collaborative work. We can't make cheese on Zoom or dial in from home. I encourage you to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Hundreds of millions of doses have shown that is safe and effective. You can get it at many locations, including healthcare providers and pharmacies. Be sure to talk with your doctor and check out Sauk Prairie Healthcare's website. It's Our Best Shot.