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Sleep Study

Your sleep specialist may recommend a painless, noninvasive diagnostic test called a sleep study. Our trained technologists will either set you up with an at-home sleep study or an overnight in-lab study, depending on the sleep specialist’s recommendation.

Our private Sleep Lab suites are comfortably equipped with:

  • Queen-sized Verlo bed
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Cable TV
  • Additional services, such as a recliner or bedside commode, to accommodate special needs

Instructions for How to Set Up Your Home Sleep Apnea Test

Equipment to include 4 main components:

  1. Nasal oral cannula (to be thrown away following the test prior to returning the equipment)
  2. Home sleep apnea test device and a pulse oximeter probe
  3. Belt with buckles. Belt must be returned with testing device in case.
  4. Roll of tape. If you're not allergic to adhesives, we recommend using the tape to attach and hold certain components in place. If you are allergic to adhesives, you can omit the use of the tape. The tape is single patient use, so when you're done with this roll of tape, you can keep the rest of it or throw it away.

Removing the Device

  1. Device will turn off on its own once the sensors are disconnected. You can also push and hold the button on the front for five seconds which will turn the device off immediately. The device is now shut down.
  2. Take the probe off.
  3. Take the cannula out of your nose and disconnect from the device by twisting. Discard cannula in a trash can.
  4. Take the belt off and remove the buckles from both sides of the device. Discard the belt in the trash can. The buckles are not disposable, and must return to the Sleep Lab.

Package Device for Return:

  1. The device with pulse oximeter cable and belt should be placed back in the box wrapped in the bubble wrap to protect the equipment.
  2. The device needs to be returned to the hospital no later than 12:00 pm the following business day unless other arrangements have been made with the Sleep Lab. There are black bins next to the welcome desk for you to place the box into.

For Tech Support, please contact 608-643-3311 and ask for Respiratory Therapy.

Click here for video tech support.