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Community Donations Fund Safety Supplies

The pandemic spread quickly, and Sauk Prairie Healthcare needed to act swiftly to be ready to take care of patients. In order to prepare to meet the demand of a patient surge, the Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation asked the community for support to purchase:

  • Disinfectant equipment and solutions
  • Protective gear for workers including respiratory face protection for the mouth, nose, and eyes
  • Medical equipment and supplies such as IV pumps, monitors, and filters

Early cost estimates for the equipment and supplies were close to $170,000. The community stepped up and helped the Foundation raise more than $220,000. With this additional support, Sauk Prairie Healthcare purchased a number of items, including several powered air-purifying respirators, an additional ventilator, and other supplies and technology. These purchases were used to provide patients with high-quality care and protect hospital employees as the pandemic continued and after it abated.

Local Couple's Donation to Foundation Funds UV Disinfectant Light

One local couple heard the plea for help and responded in a significant way. Eric and Irene Rapp of the Spring Green area contacted Todd Wuerger, Executive Director of the Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation, to see how they could help.

“I explained that the most urgent need is for two ultraviolet disinfectant systems,” said Todd. “This equipment uses UV light to kill pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus, in as little as three minutes. UVC lights are twice as effective as traditional cleaning and disinfection alone.”

Sauk Prairie Healthcare wanted to purchase this equipment eventually, but because of the pandemic, it quickly topped the list of priorities. Eric and Irene decided to help the hospital by purchasing the MoonBeam UV disinfectant lights.

“In view of the present situation, Irene and I feel it’s really important to find ways to support the hospital as it prepares to take care of our community,” said Eric.

The Rapps have made gifts to the Foundation in the past, but typically liked to downplay their generosity. This time, they wanted their gifts to be public to inspire others to donate.

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