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Foundation Awards $38K in Scholarships

Every year, Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation provides scholarships to team members who are pursuing additional education.

“This year we awarded over $38,000,” said Todd Wuerger, Executive Director of the Foundation. “To date, the Foundation has provided more than $200,000 in scholarships, an investment in our team that ensures that our patients receive state-of-the-art care. Our patients expect and deserve the highest level of care possible. The scholarship program ensures that our team is ready to go the extra mile by developing their skills above and beyond what is required for their job.”​

scholarship recipients and sponsorsPictured at the 2023 Foundation Scholarship Ceremony (left to right): Larry Manthey, sponsor of the Jan Breunig Memorial Nursing Scholarships; Tommy Brennan, Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee for the Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors; Marilyn Sprecher, sponsor of the Marilyn Sprecher Nursing Scholarship; Todd Wuerger, Executive Director of the Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation are pictured with scholarship recipients at the ceremony.

The Foundation awarded this year’s scholarships at a ceremony on August 24, 2023. This year’s scholarship recipients are:

Kathrin Barthel, Respiratory Therapy

Tracy Brownlee, Birth Center

Jordan Cockroft, Emergency Department

Jody Cotton, Materials Management

Paige Feick, Imaging Center

Matt Garvin, Pharmacy

Meredith Heydenburg, Surgery Center

Isaac Hoffmaster, Dietitian Services

Mary Hultman, Patient Access

Hannah Kepler (Eberle), Surgery Center

Hannah Kirchner, Birth Center

Belle (Belinda) Koch, Emergency Department

Kristina Kolmorgen, Acute Care

Melissa Krugman, EHR Operations

Jane Pagel, Lodi Clinic

Donalson Parker, Acute Care

Lisa Parrell, Administration

Stephanie Quick, Sleep Center

Melissa Rodriguez, Wound Center

Sarah Rubach, Emergency Department

Colleen Runyan, Surgery Center

Sara Schellie, EHR Operations

Andrea Simons, Lodi Clinic

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