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Thank You to Those Who’ve Donated For COVID 19 - Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation

Todd Wuerger, Executive Director: 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic spread quickly and healthcare facilities needed to prepare with very little time.

Jim Slattery, MD, President: In early April, we asked you for help, so that the hospital could purchase the supplies and equipment we needed to care for patients impacted by COVID-19. And our community members responded with an outpouring of generosity.

Todd Wuerger: Thank you to everyone who contributed to the foundation to help Sauk Prairie Healthcare purchase the equipment and gear we needed to care for COVID-19 patients.

Jim Slattery, MD: Thanks to those gifts, the Foundation has provided the hospital with more than $220,000 in cash and material.

Todd Wuerger: With those resources, the hospital has purchased a sophisticated ultraviolet disinfectant system, several powered air-purifying respirators, an additional ventilator, and other supplies and technology. These purchases will be used to provide patients high quality care and protect hospital personnel as the pandemic continues and after it abates. We truly appreciate every gift.

Jim Slattery, MD: And so to our long-time supporters and new donors; the Sauk Prairie Healthcare team members and patients; businesses and all individuals who donated, a heartfelt

Both: Thank You!

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