Welcome to our Baby e-Nursery

Please scroll down the page to view all our recent precious bundles.  If you have received a code from the parents, please enter the Baby Code when requested for more pictures and information. If you have received your Baby Code and are having difficulties accessing it or there are errors, please contact us at (608) 643-7223 or at birthcenter@saukprairiehealthcare.org.


Baby NameDate of BirthPreview
Laila Eve 08/17/2017 Laila Eve
Zoe Natasha Margaret Marie 08/16/2017 Zoe Natasha Margaret Marie
Jazzlyn Sophia Marie 08/16/2017 Jazzlyn Sophia Marie
Justin Lee William 08/11/2017 Justin Lee William
Greta Charlie 08/10/2017 Greta Charlie
Dierks Michael 08/10/2017 Dierks Michael
Presley Jo 08/10/2017 Presley Jo
Landon Robert 08/09/2017 Landon Robert
Harper Rosemae 08/09/2017 Harper Rosemae
Bristol Rae 08/07/2017 Bristol Rae
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