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Wellspring Redevelopment Planning Begins

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The Sauk Prairie Healthcare (SPH) Board of Directors recently approved moving forward with the redevelopment of its Wellspring Campus with Lithosphere, LLC, a Madison-based development company. This decision stems from commitments made by SPH in 2012 when it negotiated with the Villages of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac to plan for a new hospital on 26th Street. At that time, SPH committed to ensuring that the seven-acre property at 90 Oak Street — now known as Wellspring — would be maintained and responsibly transitioned into future use.

“After the move to the new hospital nearly 10 years ago, we continued to use substantial portions of the building for a variety of services and functions, but it’s now time to transition the overall use of this campus. We are very pleased to have selected Lithosphere, LLC, using a rigorous selection process, to steer this transition,” explained Shawn Lerch, Sauk Prairie Healthcare CEO.

This Board decision allows SPH administration to conduct sole negotiations with Lithosphere regarding the sale of the property, demolition of building structures, disposition of contents, and alternatives for SPH services into the future. The future location of SPH programs and departments currently at Wellspring will be determined as part of this process, but no decisions have been made at this time.

"We know how important our rehabilitation and wellness services are to the community and are committed to ensuring the continuation of these services in a location best suited for them, whether that be part of this redevelopment or at another location yet to be determined,” said Lerch. “And we’ve always understood the important role Good Neighbor Clinic plays in taking care of uninsured individuals, so we will assist them in finding a new location.”

Upon completion of negotiations, Lithosphere will work with the Villages of Prairie du Sac and Sauk City to determine a project timeline and plan redevelopment of the property.

“Lithosphere plans to repurpose as much of the existing building as possible and develop the remaining property to enhance the neighborhood,” explained Jason Iverson, Lithosphere Principal. “Gathering input from Wellspring neighbors and listening to the community will be an important step in our process, and that will begin in the next few months.”