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Thank You Sauk Prairie Healthcare Volunteers!

Wonderful day. I'm sorry the pandemic still prevents us from meeting in person. But I wanted to make sure you each realized the deep gratitude and respect I, along with the whole Sauk Prairie team have for each of you.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has impacted not only the number of volunteers who are available but also the type of support roles Sauk Prairie Healthcare has needed.

Admirable, each of you have stepped forward to the call and said, "How can I help?"

This included resuming services like confidential paper pickup, mail deliver and running the gift shop to new roles like the COVID vaccine clinics which included vaccinators, greeters, and observers along with working as a screener and supporting the front desk. Another area of inspirational and uplifting was our revived snack cart.

Now I do realize these changes were not easy on you with the virus posing still many unknown risks. In addition, many of you face new challenges of learning new roles. And unfortunately, some of you have had to deal with confused, frustrated, and sometimes angry customers.

Please know though I have received so many positive comments from team members and patients, how your caring dedication has made a positive impact when they needed that boost.

I would now like to share a poem that I believe captures the true heroes that each of you are:

Here's to the everyday heroes - the volunteers who do what they can to ease the suffering of others and be of service to their fellow man.
May they know the true satisfaction that comes from helping others less fortunate than themselves; but no less their sisters and brothers.
May they feel the gratitude in their hearts for all the good they've done. The appreciation that we all feel for them is truly second to none.

There's not been a greater need at any time in our history at Sauk Prairie Healthcare for your essential roles. Sauk Prairie Healthcare and our communities are truly stronger because of your selfless acts of stepping forward and saying, "How can I help?"

Again, thank you for being part of the Sauk Prairie Healthcare team and strengthening our mission of extraordinary care.

Be well.