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Our Best Shot - Brenda & Jim DeVita - Why We Were Vaccinated

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Brenda & Jim DeVita: We got the COVID-19 vaccine. We got the vaccine for our family, for my husband. I got it for my wife and for my children, for my mom and my community. Yeah. For all the people in our neighborhood, and at work here.

The more that the community is vaccinated, the better off our community's businesses are. They depend on people being able to come to our shops, our restaurants or hotels, bookstores, and the vaccine is so, so very important to our River Valley local community, but everywhere in the state.

The greater community, of the state, and of course, of our country.

And please remember, there is no cost to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Right. It's free. And you don't need to have insurance. And many, many places throughout the area will give it to you for free.

There are a lot of questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. There are people who are nervous about it. Sauk Prairie Healthcare's website has lots of great information that will help you learn more. It'll answer any questions that you have. Right. It's Our Best Shot.