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Dr. Todd Schad - Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr. Todd Schad, Obstetrics and Gynecological Surgeon: My name is Todd Schad. I am an obstetrician-gynecologist at Sauk Prairie Healthcare.

Initially, when I was in medical school I really wanted to be a family physician. And as part of my medical school training we did a nine month period of time in a rural community doing family medicine. During my time there I spent time with an obstetrician and found that I really enjoyed taking care of women and pregnancy. But then also found that I really enjoyed doing surgery. And obstetrics and gynecology is kind of the perfect marriage for me because I get an opportunity to take care of women through childbearing and later life, but I also get to help them with surgery for their surgical needs and it spans the entire lifetime of the woman.

I think the biggest thing that patients can expect from me is I will truly listen to what is happening, but then I’ll take that information and with the other information from the exam, from the laboratory work, etc., I’ll synthesize that information and then try to lay it out in an understandable fashion so they can understand what their body is doing. But then, I think most importantly, what options they have to make it better. Because there is very rarely just one option and so I try to let them leave the visit with a piece of paper that outlines: here is what is happening and here is how we can treat it.

And sometimes they leave the office knowing how they want to treat it, but many times they want to talk it over with their friends or family. At least now they have the correct terminology, so they get the right information, because there is a lot of bad information out there too.

There are multiple advantages to coming to Sauk Prairie for your obstetrics and gynecology. I think one of the biggest ones is the personal attention that you'll get here from not only myself, but all the staff, from the nurses, to the housekeepers, to dietary. We take a lot of pride in making sure that we are putting the patient first in everything that we do. If you look at our quality numbers, we have very high quality, very low infections, very low problems after the surgery. But, again, it's that being cared for, it's being nurtured while you're here.

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