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Why Choose Sauk Prairie Healthcare Birth Center?


Text: Why Choose Sauk Prairie Healthcare?

Voiceover: It’s important to us here at Sauk Prairie Healthcare to have our staff help you with your pregnancy the minute you walk in the door. We offer childbirth classes and you’ll learn about your options for pain management, we offer a family class to give you an idea what it’s like to have a new baby at home, we offer support groups for moms before and after delivery. There’s a class for the new babies siblings and even one for Grandma and Grandpa—classes taught by the same people who will care for you while you’re here.

Dr. Todd Schad: I think the most special part about this hospital is its personalized care. It’s a small community and you can see that within the hospital. The hospital is a community within itself and the nurses really care about the patients that they’re taking care of, but it’s not just the nurses, it’s the housekeeping, it’s the pharmacy, you know there’s just this sense of community within the hospital that when somebody comes in the doors we’re here to take care of them.

Dr. Tom Varley: It’s a blessing to be there—you know it’s a joy and this idea that we go through all this training and experience and you can actually apply that and really help people and put them at ease.

Dr. Trevver Buss: One of the things that I think that makes this particular hospital a little different, especially as a place to have a baby is that we’ve got all of the technical and the specialty experience that we need to take care of highly complex conditions, but yet we’ve got the small-town look and feel and attention. You feel this personal warmth that comes from knowing the nurses and doctors that are right there at the bedside taking care of you.

Dr. Tom Varley: We have a great backup if we need it. We can do all the really involved things if we need to and we can get good help if we have troubles and we recognize things early and we are good at pre-empting things so our complication rate is very low here, and our c-section rate is the envy of a lot of places. So I think we get things done naturally very well.

Tara Mahoney, Nurse Anesthetist: I just think it’s a little bit more individualized care. A lot of times you are the only patient that we see during the day so if you are the laboring mom, I’m here for you and I’m on call for you the entire time you’re here in the laboring process.

Dr. Maribeth Baker: Full staff everywhere along the way, I think everyone here tries to make this an exceptional place to receive medical care, whether it’s birth or something else, whether it’s surgical, medical, from the housekeeping all the way on up.

Dr. Suzanne Welsch: Well, I’ve worked in larger hospitals with labor and delivery units numbering in the 20 to 30 range. Our unit here has five labor and delivery suites, so it is much smaller and with much smaller scale I think the attention to detail and the personal attention that our patients get in labor as well as the important teaching that occurs postpartum is just second to none. They get a great experience that’s more personalized. It’s quieter, which is important postpartum, when folks are trying to recover. The attention to their new infant in terms of teaching new skills, how to breastfeed, how to bottle-feed, how to change diapers, giving babies baths, all of that is covered very fully here, which I did not see when I practiced at larger hospitals.

Dr. Trevver Buss: Here in Sauk Prairie we have the ability to see our own patients in the hospital care for our own patients no matter where they may be and it’s a family oriented place I love it here the people here really care about the success of your family and getting started right.

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For more information about Sauk Prairie Healthcare's Birth Center visit or call 608-643-7223.