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What You Can Do

The COVID19 vaccine is widely available in our community and there is no cost to receive it. However, many are hesitant to receive it for a variety of reasons, ranging from misunderstandings about the science behind the vaccination to logistical challenges.

If You Are a Resident

Do your family and friends have needed information about the COVID19 vaccine? Have those eligible for vaccination received it? You can help in any of the following ways:

  • Be an advocate for the COVID19 vaccination.
  • Share information and facts about the vaccination, and provide information as to how and where one can get the vaccination in the community. The easiest way to find a vaccination location is at
  • Encourage your family and friends to get the COVID19 vaccine. If they have questions, share this website as a resource and a way to get more information.

If You Are a Business

Employers of all sizes can do many things to increase the vaccination rate among their employees.

  • Encourage employees to get the COVID19 vaccine.
  • Offer paid time off for employees to receive the vaccine. This will help employees who have any type of vaccine reaction that occurs and requires an employee to spend recovery time at home.
  • Host an on-site vaccination event for employees. Some companies have also successfully included the families of employees during these events.
  • Offer a financial award or another incentive (such as bonus vacation days) to employees who receive the vaccine.

Any encouragement offered by companies to employees to receive the vaccination is a good thing and will help strengthen business operations both now and into the future. If your employees are vaccinated, it’s a competitive advantage for your business.