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Name Specialty Location
Charles Acher, MD Vascular Surgery
David Adams, MD Family Medicine
James Armstrong, APNP Orthopedics
Maribeth Baker, MD Family Medicine
Avery Bannan, LAT, ATC Athletic Training
Teresa Bare, PTA Physical Therapy
Nicole Been, MS, PT Physical Therapy
Jessica Bekker Pathology
Miranda Bice Spine Medicine
Diane Bindl, CNM, APNP Midwifery
Tara Bindl, CRNA Anesthesia
Stephen Bogue, DPM, FACFAS, FACFAOM Podiatry
Angela Brager, PT, DPT Physical Therapy
Becki Braund, PT, CAPP Physical Therapy
David Bryce Pain Management
Diane Buckley, COTA Occupational Therapy
Josh Bunno, LAT, CEAS Athletic Training
Trevver Buss, MD Family Medicine
Mary Campbell, MD Family Medicine
Benjamin Carlson, CRNA Anesthesia
Micah Chan, MD, MPH Nephrology
Andrea Chao, MD Pediatrics
William Chubb, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Podiatry
Lindsay Clark, PhD Geriatric Memory
Jeffrey Collins, MD Family Medicine
Sarah Cook, RN, Joint Care Coordinator Orthopedics
Jessica Cooney, PT, LAT, CSCS Physical Therapy
Andrew Culp, MD Emergency Medicine
Jessica Darling, DO Family Medicine
Duane Darling, PT Physical Therapy
H. Clay Dean, MD General Surgery
Maria Denu, PA-C Primary Care
Subarna Dhital, MD Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Teresa Dietsch, RN, BSN Women's Health Nurse Navigator
Paul DiMusto, MD Vascular Surgery
Alexis Eastman, MD Geriatric Memory
David Eberdt, PA-C Primary Care
Leah Ederer, MD Family Medicine
Andrew Ertl, MD Foot & Ankle Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Julie Esser Cardiac Rehab
Jeffrey Everson, PA-C Orthopedics
Peg Faludi, OTR Occupational Therapy
Kari Fisher, DNP, APNP, FNP-BC Sleep Medicine
Luke Fortney, MD Family Medicine
William Fowler, MD Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
JoEllen Frawley, APNP, BC-ADM, CDE Diabetes Management
Masaru Furukawa, MD, MS Family Medicine
Sports Medicine
Stephanie Gardon, MD Neurology
Brian Griffith, MD Pulmonary Medicine
Nathan Grunewald, MD Urologic Surgery
Marnie Harrington Cardiac Rehab
Christopher Healy, MD Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
Matthew Hebert, MD Orthopedic Surgery
Megan Heimerdinger, MS, ATC Athletic Training
Sarah Hellenbrand, OTR, CHT Occupational Therapy
Sarah Hittner, PA-C Orthopedics
Morgan Hormig, PA-C Hospital Medicine
Janelle Hupp, MD Family Medicine
Jay Ironside, CRNA Anesthesia
Suzanne Jacobs, CRNA Anesthesia
Curtis Johnson, CRNA Anesthesia
Steven Johnson, MD Family Medicine
Agnes Kanikula, PA-C Primary Care
Bryant Kearney, PA-C Orthopedics
Lucas Kemp, CRNA Anesthesia
Peggy Kim, MD Pain Management
Tracy Klein, OD Optometry
Mandy Krey, PT, DPT-OCS Physical Therapy
David Krey, DO Family Medicine
Sports Medicine
Diana Kruse, MD Orthopedic Surgery
Ashley Kujava Ear, Nose and Throat
Michael Lamson, MD Orthopedic Surgery
Wendy Ledesma, MD Hospital Medicine
Internal Medicine
Rana Leer Haupt, PA-C Spine Medicine
James Leonard, DO, PT Pain Management
Tiffany Lin, MD Rheumatology
Deanna Lord, PA-C Primary Care
Katlyn Lynch, PT, DPT Physical Therapy
Tara Mahoney, CRNA Anesthesia
David Marcu, MD Orthopedic Surgery
Jon Matsumura, MD Vascular Surgery
John McAuliffe, MD Family Medicine
John McCartney, MD Pulmonary Medicine
Karen Meng, APNP Primary Care
Tricia Michaels, APNP Orthopedics
Miles Morgan, MD Emergency Medicine
Shelli Ness, PT, OCS Physical Therapy
Sarah Niles, MD Hospital Medicine
Anne O'Connor, MD Cardiovascular Medicine
Angela O'Connor, MD Pediatrics
Theodore Parins, MD, FACS, FICS General Surgery
Thomas Pasic, MD Ear, Nose and Throat
Rian Podein, MD Family Medicine
Michael Ritter, MD Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
Lance Rodenbur, PTA Physical Therapy
Arnold Rosenthal, MD Orthopedic Surgery
Hannah Rottinghaus Ear, Nose and Throat
Todd Schad, MD Obstetrics & Gynecologic Surgery
Anna Schmidt Ear, Nose and Throat
Lynne Schneeberger, OTR, CHT Occupational Therapy
Justin Schroeder, CRNA Anesthesia
E. Barclay Shultz, MD Family Medicine
David Sisbach, CRNA Anesthesia
Mark Starr, CRNA Anesthesia
Anna Stello, PT, DPT Physical Therapy
Charles Stone, MD, FACC Cardiovascular Medicine
Kathy Straub, PT Physical Therapy
Thomas Teelin, MD Cardiovascular Medicine
Mark Timmerman, MD Family Medicine
Sports Medicine
Susan Torhorst, MD Emergency Medicine
Nhu Y Tran, Au.D., CCC-A Audiology
David Upton, MD Ear, Nose and Throat
Thomas Varley, MD Family Medicine
Kevin Vogt, MD Family Medicine
Robert Volk, PA-C General Surgery
Sana Waheed, MD Nephrology
Eric Warbasse, MD Emergency Medicine
Mark Warren, PA-C Ear, Nose and Throat
Emily Weiss, APNP Primary Care
Suzanne Welsch, MD Obstetrics & Gynecologic Surgery
Ellen Wermuth, MD, MS Family Medicine
Daniel Williams, IV, MD Urology
Tom Wojta, PT Physical Therapy
Robert Wright, PT, DPT Physical Therapy
Linda Youngren, MD Emergency Medicine