Mark Timmerman, MD --- Smart, Friendly, and Genuine

Dr. TimmermanAfter talking with Mark Timmerman, MD, family medicine physician from River Valley Clinic, a few things about him become crystal clear: he absolutely loves his work, he has a terrific sense of humor, and, despite numerous accomplishments, he's as unpretentious as they come.

Helping people is in Timmerman's blood. His mother was a social worker, and his grandfather was an Episcopal bishop.

"I knew in high school that I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to help people, and I enjoyed science and teaching," says Timmerman. Patients appreciate his warmth, helpful explanations, and commitment to finding solutions.

Timmerman joined SPH in 2007 after working in large clinics and hospitals in Madison where he is highly regarded. "I enjoyed my work there, but I really appreciate the personalized care at Sauk Prairie-coming here is one of the best things I have ever done," he says.

Family medicine gives Timmerman the opportunity to provide healthcare for a broad range of needs, including prenatal care. His subspecialty is sports medicine. "Sports medicine is for people of all ages. It treats musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, and cartilage) problems; you don't have to be an athlete," he says.

Keeping fit is important to Timmerman. He was football captain and a wrestler in college. Today, he is an avid bicyclist who has participated in ironman triathlons and the L'Étape du Tour (stage of the Tour), an amateur cyclist race that covers one stage of the Tour de France.

Timmerman bicycles daily to his clinic in Spring Green from Gotham where he shares a modernized, Amish-built cabin with his wife, Peggy. He's a good role model. Clinic nurses have started bicycling too-inspiration is contagious.

Don't waste your time putting this doctor on a pedestal; he'll step right down. He grew up in a mining town in Minnesota and doesn't choose friends based on bank account or college degrees. He's too genuine for that.

"I'm continually energized throughout the day when I see patients. They mean a lot to me; I cherish my time with them," says Timmerman.