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February 18, 2021

Vaccination Initiative Update - Shawn Lerch CEO Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Transcript:  Good day, I'm Shawn Lerch with Sauk Prairie Healthcare, with a COVID-19 update. 

But first, I want to take this moment and share how proud I am of each of you and how our communities have responded to the call, taking the responsibility of protecting each other seriously. These efforts are making incredible impacts on our ability to stop the spread. 

Amazingly, we have now reached an important goal in being able to provide a safe and highly effective tool to increase our protection; the COVID-19 vaccines. The new vaccines now allow us to move from defense to offense through a global vaccination initiative. The scale and complexity to achieve herd immunity through vaccinating at least 75% of our communities, our state, our nation, and countries throughout the world has never been imagined before. 

Sauk Prairie Healthcare, along with our regional and state health partners, have been planning for months on how to vaccinate our communities in the safest, most equitable, and quickest manner. The pandemic and our response is being coordinated as a public health emergency on a global scale. This means Sauk Prairie Healthcare's role in the pandemic is to work with the state officials and coordinate in a unified approach. 

The complexity of this global initiative requires us to adapt our plans daily as we coordinate with our partners on supply limitations, new guidance on vaccine prioritization, and emerging research. This everchanging, yet restrictive environment can be frustrating, not only to for our team but also to our community members who want the latest information. 

I want to assure you the Sauk Prairie Healthcare is doing everything in our power to provide timely and important updates so you can continue to help us protect each other. I also ask that you to visit our website often for updates along with easy to find links to other trusted sources including the Center for Disease Control, Department of Health, and Sauk County Public Health. Understand, the COVID-19 vaccine initiative is not being accomplished in isolation by individual organizations but through a large network of nearly 2,000 vaccination sites throughout the state. 

This is why I encourage all eligible community members to visit public health websites throughout the region and sign-up on available vaccination lists. Signing up on multiple sites will ensure you get scheduled and receive a vaccine in the quickest manner available. 

In closing, the global fight will take everyone to roll up their sleeves and do their part to defeat COVID-19. You can be part of the solution by learning and preparing to get vaccinated when it is your time. I also ask for your patience and understanding as all health partners are dedicated to collaborating, to achieve success in our common goals of serving and protecting our communities so we can thrive once again. Be well.

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