Partial Knee Replacement

The partial knee implant is a unique alternative to total knee replacement. Designed to repair only the medial portion of the knee, the partial knee is less invasive than total knee replacement which typically means less post-operative pain and more rapid recovery.

Patient-personalized Knee for Total Knee Replacement

Patient-personalized Knee for Total Knee ReplacementWith total knee replacement, the diseased bone and cartilage are removed and resurfaced with orthopedic implants designed to recreate the natural contours of healthy bones. Much like natural cartilage, the metal and polyethylene (plastic) implants allow the bones to smoothly glide against each other. With typical knee replacement surgery, surgeons use X-rays to choose joint replacement component sizes. During the procedure they use an assortment of instruments to verify component sizing and establish proper positioning and alignment, and sometimes instruments need to be placed inside the femur and/or tibia to assist with alignment. At Sauk Prairie Healthcare, we offer total knee replacement that utilizes a 3-D MRI of the patient’s knee to create personalized positioning guides that don’t require instrumentation of the bone canal, thus allowing for a potentially less invasive procedure. These cutting guides indicate exactly where bone cuts should be made so the knee replacement better fits the patient’s unique anatomy. This system also provides more detail and precision to the surgeon before the procedure so that he or she can efficiently plan the best position and alignment of the implant.