April 7, 2020

We Need Your Help Now

We Need Your Help Now

Your local hospital, Sauk Prairie Healthcare, needs your help. Now, more than ever before. 

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed our schedules and upended our assumptions about the future. For some, it has caused enormous financial challenges and strained personal relationships.  

The challenges to individuals and families can be overwhelming. Likewise, the enormous stress that the disease puts on healthcare systems is impossible to miss, as scenes from Italy, New York, and elsewhere come into our homes daily.   

Todd Wuerger, Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation Director, is a member of the leadership team coordinating the hospital’s response to COVID-19. The Foundation is kept up to date on various aspects of the preparations. Because of the relative ease of transmission of the virus and potential dire outcomes, the hospital is taking measures and adopting policies that surpass any within living memory.  

As you are all aware, it is not “business as usual” at the hospital. Managing necessary equipment, making adjustments in staffing, and putting routine care on hold have the potential to create significant financial and relationship stresses for the organization as a whole.  

Despite their own personal challenges, so many people in our community are looking outward, moved by the impulse to help others, reaching out in many different ways. These range from checking on neighbors, friends and family members to sewing and distributing cloth masks. We hear of medical personnel traveling across the country to volunteer their services in “hot spots,” moved by a sense of professional duty. These are inspiring acts, and lead many people to ask, “What can I do?” 

Once you and your loved ones are secure, please consider making a donation to the Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation. Our community has been incredibly generous in the past. We need your support again, and now more than ever before as we get ready to take care of patients impacted by COVID-19.  

A monetary gift gives the hospital the flexibility required to confront changing needs as the epidemic unfolds. The distribution of cases is unpredictable; best practices may need to be modified as ongoing research yields results. This health emergency will, eventually, end. We want to be sure that Sauk Prairie Healthcare is in the best possible position to continue to provide excellent care once the epidemic passes.  

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We will get through this together.  

— Dr. James Slattery, President, Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation

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