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January 16, 2018

Dr. Arnold Rosenthal - Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Arnold Rosenthal: So, obviously, you know, when you're in medical school, you're presented with a smorgasbord of different specialties, and a lot of those specialties obviously include taking care of folks who have long-term problems. Problems that you help people live with, but not that you...often you don't cure or eliminate. And then I was presented with orthopedics, which is a very problem-specific specialty where people come to you with, usually, one particular issue that, oftentimes, you can completely solve, and I found that very attractive.

So actually, at the time I was finishing residency, I was presented with the ability to go into private practice. Diana Kruse had been a residency mate and had come out here just a year prior to that, and she was extremely busy almost out of the gate. Diana convinced me I should come give this a try.

One of the things that I heard from my patients from my first year at Sauk Prairie was, especially people who had been at other hospitals, was how special this place was, and that comes from the care that they received from nurses, from aides, from the person that cleaned their rooms. They would describe it as there was a small town friendliness and caring that they had never experienced at a big city hospital.

What stands out for me, as far as my patients, has been their experience, which has continued. Our culture has, thankfully, remained in place for 32 years, and patients, still today, are overwhelmed by our culture. It's not just on a billboard and it's not an ad campaign, this is what I'm hearing from patients after they've been here. I think that's what's made us a success and allowed us to go from a one-hour hospital to a six-hour hospital within a very short drive of a major metropolitan area. With very good, successful hospitals there, people are choosing and preferring to come see us.

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