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COVID-19 Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Parents Need to Know When Scheduling Their Minor Child (age 12-17) for Pfizer Vaccine?

Due to minor status of those ages 12-17, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND, and in some cases require, that a parent/guardian accompany the minor to the vaccination. If you are unable to accompany your minor to this appointment, please contact your clinic to discuss options. To review Pfizer’s Emergency Use Authorization, go to:

Will I be billed for the COVID-19 vaccination?  

You will not be charged an out-of-pocket cost. Sauk Prairie Healthcare will charge a vaccine administration fee to your health insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid, or employer (if arrangements have been made for your employer to cover the cost). You will be asked to provide health insurance information when you are called to schedule your appointment. You will not receive a bill, even if you do not have insurance. 

Where else can I get a COVID-19 vaccination?  

Various public health departments, healthcare providers, and pharmacies are providing vaccinations. Your county’s public health website will have a list of other vaccination locations.

I scheduled my COVID-19 vaccination at the Wellspring location; what do I need to know?  

It’s very important that our COVID-19 vaccine clinics run efficiently, getting individuals through the process quickly and safely. To learn what to expect at your scheduled appointment, click this link: