Sauk Prairie Healthcare News

May 14, 2020

Sauk Prairie Healthcare is Moving Ahead - Safely

We're all doing our part to stay safer at home. And when it comes to supporting your health and well-being, Sauk Prairie Healthcare is moving ahead safely. 

Because your medical needs still matter, as you come back to see us, here are a few of the changes we've made for the safety of you and our staff. Everyone who enters our buildings must wear a mask. If you forgot yours, no problem. We'll provide you one. 

We also quickly screen everyone for fever and ask a few questions about how you're feeling. From there, our waiting areas have plenty of room for proper distancing, and the reception desks feature shielding for staff. Everyone on the team wears a mask and face shield. 

And yes there are still plenty of smiles under every mask. At times some staff look a little like astronauts. 

We've stepped up the frequency of our cleaning cycles and invested in systems ranging from electrostatic misters and HEPA filters to portable UV lights that can disinfect an entire room in just minutes. 

A lot has changed around us but thanks to the efforts of everyone in the communities we serve, one thing has not changed -- Sauk Prairie Healthcare still offers extraordinary health care, from the heart, one person at a time. 

Keeping you safe and healthy. It's in our nature.

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