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July 28, 2020

ACL Injury Prevention Warm-Up for Athletes

We are Sauk Prairie Healthcare. The video is our adaptation of the FIFA 11+ which is scientifically proven to prevent ACL injuries and improve performance.   

Printable PDF of exercises and field layout can be found HERE.

FIFA 11+ Adaptation by Sauk Prairie Healthcare Sports Medicine   


  1. Running Straight Ahead
  2. Hip Out 
  3. Hip In 
  4. Circling Partner 
  5. Skips 
  6. Quick Forwards and Backwards 


  1. Plank
    Level 1: Forearm Plank on Elbows
    Level 2: Plank with Alternating Leg Lifts and Hold
    Level 3: Plank with One Leg Lift and Hold  

  2. Adduction (with Partner or Chair)  

  3. Side Plank
    Level 1: Side Plank on Elbow
    Level 2: Side Plank Raise and Lower Hip
    Level 3: Side Plank with Leg Lift  

  4. Single Leg Bridge
    Level 1: Leg High
    Level 2: Leg Forward

  5. Eccentric Hamstrings
    Level 1: Single Leg RDL (T)
    Level 2: Nordics  

  6. Squats
    Level 1: Squats with Calf Raise
    Level 2: Partner Single Leg Squat

  7. Walking Lunges 

  8. Jumps
    Level 1: Vertical Jumps
    Level 2: Lateral Jumps
    Level 3: Square Jumps 

AGILITY (2 sets)  

  1. Run Across Pitch 
  2. Bounding 
  3. Plant and Cut 
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