Heart Zones

At Sauk Prairie Healthcare, we want to create healthy communities that move more and eat smarter, starting with our youth. Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation has committed startup funds for the implementation of  the acclaimed Heart Zones  System for every student  in every physical education  (PE) class in every school  district in Sauk Prairie  Healthcare’s service area. 

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What is the Heart Zones System? 

Heart Zones uses “Smart PE” technology featuring wearable heart rate monitors, an electronic display software to measure and record physical activity.  The Smart PE technology allows for more accurate assessment of students’ fitness.  In turn, this information is used to improve the physical education curriculum. 

How does the Heart Zones System work? 

In PE class, students wear sensors that measure five heart zones ranging from resting to vigorous activity levels. The goal is for them to remain in the moderate to more strenuous zones for 20 of the 45-minute class. Data from their monitors is collected and displayed so students can quickly see if they are exercising in the preferred zones and for how long. 

Who benefits from the Heart Zones System? 

In one easy-to-use system, Heart Zones offers an individualized approach that leads to students’ increased health, self-esteem and focus that go well beyond the physical education class. With Heart Zones, everyone wins:

  • Students learn about their own bodies and are motivated to become more active due to the instant feedback they receive. 
  • Teachers utilize technology to tailor their physical education curriculum and serve individual students’ activity needs more accurately. 
  • Parents receive email reports of their child’s heart health progress. 


You CAN support Heart Zones for your schools online today!  Follow this link to our secure general online giving page. Choose “Community Wellness Grants.” Enter the school district you’re giving to support in the comments box at the very bottom of the page.

What people are saying about Heart Zones
Abbey Ballweg, Special Education Teacher
"We use the Heart Zones System for our special needs students outside of the PE class setting. We monitor their heart rates throughout the day and are able to provide them with needed breaks using yoga strategies or heavy work activities. This gets their mind and body back to a zone in which they are ready to learn. This has been a very useful tool for us to help meet the needs of our students.”

Aaron and Maria Andres, Parents
“Our children know how to identify a healthy resting heart rate for their age. The emailed reports have led to some great home discussions about which activities make your heart rate go up and which activities you can do while you are recovering from the most strenuous levels of exercise. What our kids are learning about heart health will benefit them for the rest of their lives”

Allison Steinmetz, 4th Grade Teacher
“Students see their heart rates while exercising and learn the benefits of being in a healthy zone. This transfers outside of the gym and encourages kids to want to be active.”

Elementary Student, age 10
“Using the heart rate monitors helps me know what activities raise my heart rate.”

Eric Scheunemann and Jacob Breunig, Physical Education Teachers
“The Heart Zones System has totally changed how our school district approaches student fitness. We use Heart Zones in our physical education classes because the data it provides helps us know our students as individuals. The program brings lifelong benefit – our students are learning what it looks and feels like to be “in the zone.”

Elementary Student, age 9
“I like being able to see my heart rate so I know if I need to work harder.”